Blue Monday

Today was indeed Blue Monday but not in the ‘most miserable day of the year’ way that the papers churn out every January. Instead, a freezing cold but gorgeously sunny day meant it was like this:


And like this…


Living in the the North West, the default setting for the sky over the last few weeks seems to have been a stormy charcoal grey or a frosty white, so a lovely bright blue colour today has been a welcome surprise.

It reminded me of a project I saw over at Lupin Handmade’s blog where she’ll be making a sky blanket by knitting a little square in the colour of the sky each day and at the end of the year will have a nice snuggly record of the year. Laura makes amazing brooches and hair accessories in felt in a variety of animals, flowers and birds – definitely worth having a look at if you fancy treating yourself to a little something!

Even though it is a lovely day, its still freezing cold so I have been snuggling up under my chunky blue cable knit blanket that I made last year whilst I’ve been working today. How I love working from home! On the needles is a little white and blue matinee jacket for a friend who’s about to have her first baby…


There’s a pile of little knitted hats and bootees waiting for me to sew them up and put buttons on them so I can add them to the shop…


And watching over it all is my little blue bird that hangs on the door of my little work space:

This little wooden bird was one of the many lovely little surprises I received when I took part in the Curiosity Project recently If you haven’t come across it before, this is a really fun and surprisingly touching project where you get given a little bit of info about someone else in the project and you send them a box full of little treats that you hope they’ll like and someone else does the same for you. Choosing what you’re going to pick for my Curious Friend’s was really good fun although a bit nerve-wrecking as well as you really hope that they’re going to like what you’ve picked them and of course, you also get the delight of a box full of goodies to unwrap as well! There should be another project of some kind coming soon so keep yours eyes peeled.

I hope your Blue Monday has been as bright and cheery as mine!x

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