Monsters and secrets

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here so I thought I’d just write a little catch-up post before I reveal a little project that I’ve been plotting for a while (more about that tomorrow). June and July were pretty hectic PhD-wise, including a trip for a couple of weeks back to London. It was pretty much work work work while I was there but I did manage to catch up with some dear old friends and even made it to Bake-a-boo in West Hampstead for a birthday afternoon tea. The gluten-free tea was AMAZING, sadly no pics as I pretty much scoffed the lot in minutes!

I also took myself on a little journey to find a monster, specifically Muncher the Monster. Made as part of the BT Art Box project, where lots of different artists were given free reign to re-design a traditional phone box, Muncher was made by one of my favourite knitters Deadly Knitshade and he was living on the Trafalgar Square roundabout. It was instant love, look how cute he is!

Muncher the Monster

Can you see he’s holding some knitting needles too? So much hard work must have gone into making this and I loved the little details, like the little button space invader:

Button graffiti


And some little friends to keep him company:


There’s been a lot of knitting for new babies going on here as there is something of a baby boom going on among my friends at the moment and also some top secret knitting! Top secret project number one is a gift for an occasion which I can’t say and a person I can’t name just in case she’s reading this blog and top secret project number two is a project organised by ArtYarn for the Preston Guild, where Mr Purly Queen is from.

Speaking of Mr PQ, it’s our anniversary today so I’m taking the afternoon off to watch the Olympics with him. Pop back tomorrow for more details on my new challenge!


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