A new challenge

Way back in 2007, I took part in a trek on the Great Wall of China to raise money for Oxfam. It was pretty hard work with all the training and fundraising but a great experience, meeting some wonderful people and helping to direct funds towards some of the people who need it most.

This is me at the end of the 60km trek:

Hello 2007 me!

Five years on, I am rather, ahem, larger than I was in that photo and for a number of reasons that sort of physical challenge isn’t possible for me at the moment. And yet, I still have a real urge to do something and so have been plotting away on various ideas…so I am setting myself a knitting challenge, to try to knit 100 items for charity in a year.

Some of you may wonder if that’s really a challenging thing to do and if it will really make much of a difference and the answer is yes! Knitting takes time and as I will also be trying to keep my little shop updated (a girl’s got to eat!) and the small matter of a PhD to get on with, it is going to take a lot of effort to try and get it all done. As to the other point, there are a whole variety of charities crying out for knitted items for babies, neglected animals and women’s shelters to name just a few.

So here’s how it’s going to work, between now and the 1st August 2013, I am going to try to knit 100 items for various charities that need things to try and benefit as many different causes as possible. I have some yarn I can use but will need more so if you have any spare or know anyone that wants to get rid of some, please get in touch either in the comments box below or by e-mail at thepurlyqueen@gmail.com ! For donations of yarn, I’ll make a donation to p/hop at MSF here. The best is yarn that can be washed so acrylic, cotton or super-wash yarn but I will take anything usable.

I’m quite excited as it means I have the perfect excuse to  try out lots of different patterns by great designers as well as hopefully doing something that will make a difference, even if it’s just a small one. Plus I’ll be running offers throughout the year where a percentage of any Purly Queen sales and commissions will be sent to different charities.

I’ve already found my first project, after hearing a story about ‘fish and chip’ babies where new-born babies in Kampala in Uganda are being sent home from hospital wrapped in nothing but newspaper as they don’t have any clothes. I’ll admit this tore at my heart-strings quite a bit so first on the needles are some baby jumpers to send over there.

If you know of any other projects that I could help with do let me know, otherwise wish me luck and I hope you’ll pop back to check on my progress x


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