Waving goodbye to 2012 – Jan to June

After finally starting to feel a bit more human again after a particularly nasty bout of flu, I thought it was time to pay some attention to this poor little neglected blog. I don’t really make new year’s resolutions but one of my aims for this year is to try and post on here more regularly and so I thought I’d start by doing a little round up of last year. I normally like to do this sort of thing on New Year’s Eve along with the old tradition of getting your house in order before a new year starts (as an aside I was delighted to see that one of my knitting heroes the Yarn Harlot does this as well) but given that the lurgy had well and truly got me by that point, everything is running about 3 weeks behind schedule!

The best of 2012

There were winter picnics in my favourite park

Tasty soup and baked mozzarella balls were hiding in the basket

Tasty soup and baked mozzarella balls were hiding in the basket

Slightly shamefully, those arm warmers aren’t handmade and not even made of wool so although they are nice and fun colours, they’re actually not very warm at all so I definitely need to add some new ones to my queue. (For non-knitters, a queue is the on-going list of things that knitters want to make which mysteriously never seems to decrease, no matter how much you knit. Instead, the queue rather seems to increase as most knitters want to KNIT ALL THE THINGS and when you have a knitting business and like to make gifts for other people, knits for yourself always seem to fall at the very end of the queue). I did however make the hat, which is made of gorgeous alpaca yarn and is very warm and snuggly indeed. It was actually a sample knit for my friend Claire’s knitting book Knitting Vintage which is full of wonderful vintage inspired designs, many of which are patiently waiting in the aforementioned queue. You can find her book here.

In February, the most energetic bundle of fur came to live at Purly Queen HQ:


Pepper – also known as TMS, The Mad Spaniel

Pepper was about to be given to a dog’s home as the family she was with didn’t have time to look after her so we stepped in to adopt her. From the sounds of it, she has been passed around a few different homes all before she had even had her first birthday but with a little bit of love and lots of biscuits and walkies, she’s now a very happy, affectionate and lively dog whom we are completely obsessed with 🙂 There were a few incidents in the early days but now that she has learnt that balls of wool are not toys, especially the cashmere and alpaca ones, everything is a lot better!

March and April were all about ploughing on with the PhD and trying out some new ideas for the shop:

And yes, that book was as sore brain-inducing as you'd imagine!

And yes, that book was as sore brain-inducing as you’d imagine!

In May, I went to London for fieldwork on the London Mayoral Elections…

The four main candidates in knitted form

The four main candidates in knitted form

And I also went to my lovely Goddaughter’s first communion. Being a terrible godmother, I completely forgot to bring my camera so can’t show you any pics of her big day but here’s one of me scarfing down the delicious french food at the celebration meal with some of my favourite people in the world:

Om nom nom

Om nom nom

In June, I watched a LOT of tennis and we took a trip to Crosby beach with the pooch:

Pawprints in the sand

Pawprints in the sand

One of Anthony Gormley's Iron Men covered with barnacles

One of Anthony Gormley’s Iron Men covered with barnacles

July to December catch-up to come tomorrow. In the meantime, it’s snowing pretty heavily here now so what better excuse to curl up with a dog and a blanket and get on with some knitted Valentine’s gifts. Hope you’re wrapped up nice and warm wherever you are!x

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