Plans for 2013 – part 1

As we’re reaching the end of January, it seems like a good time to think about plans for this year. New Year’s resolutions don’t tend to work for me  and I do wonder if they are that useful for most people, at least in the way we tend to make them. They’re usually always negative, “I will stop doing x” or “I won’t do y” and although I’m all for people deciding to make themselves happier or healthier, I really don’t think this traditional way works, especially when we’re a bit deflated after Christmas. I think generally we should all be a bit kinder to ourselves and focus on what’s really best for ourselves, our loved ones and the planet and then everything else will eventually fall into place.

In that light then, I’m not making traditional resolutions for this year but I do have some general plans, some for me and lots for the business. The huge thing that’s going to happen to me this year is that the funding for my PhD will be coming to an end but there will still be up to two years of PhD left to go so I have to get creative about ways of earning money whilst still being able to focus on the PhD and get it DONE! (As an aside, this is one of the best examples of what a PhD actually is I’ve seen). My dream is that I could fund myself through the last bit of the PhD through knitting and other crafty exploits so I am going to be trying to do everything I can from now on to make new items from the shop, attract new commissions and expand my range as much as possible.

With that in mind, there are some concrete plans to kick start this including setting up an Etsy shop as well as my Folksy shop as I know that many of you already have an Etsy buying account and I have to admit, I tend to buy more from Etsy than Folksy myself. I’m hoping this will introduce me to new customers and give my existing customers more buying options. The plan at the moment is to have a smaller but more comprehensive range in the Etsy shop with options for personalization and to only use natural fibres for the pieces I make for the Etsy shop. I also have lots of ideas for Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas and for knits for grown ups as well as babies and toddlers. I’ve also had some ideas for a wedding range and nursery items so now I just need to get making. What I also need though is you!


I would be so grateful if you would all consider The Purly Queen when you’re looking for gifts, homewares, accessories and baby and kid’s wear. I also really need your help in spreading the word so I’m looking to get more likes on the Facebook page, more pictures of people enjoying PQ knits etc and so would be really thankful if you could pass on details of this blog, the shop or the facebook page to friends, family, work colleagues…anyone you can think of who might be interested! I hate to sound like I’m begging but with no budget for advertising, I’m trying to believe in the power of real people’s connections and social media 🙂

As a thank you for all of this, I’m launching a loyalty scheme called Purly Points! Simply, every time you make a purchase from me, you get a Purly Point (each item is worth one point so even if you buy a couple of items at a time you’ll get a point for each one) and as points mean prizes, when you reach 10 points you’ll get a £10 voucher redeemable against any Purly Queen order (either in the shop or made to order). I’m back dating this to the start of this year, so if you’re one of the lovely people who’s already bought something from me this year I’ll be in touch shortly to let you know how many points you’ve already got.

More in the next post about other plans for the year, both knitting-wise and in general. Have you made any plans for this year? Whatever they are, best of luck to all of us x

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