Plans for 2013 – Charity knitting and make do and mend

You might remember last year, I wanted to make sure I was giving back and came up with the idea of trying to knit 100 items for charity in a year. How has that been going I hear you ask? Well, rubbish to be honest. Between knitting for the shop, knitting bespoke orders and making gifts for Christmas, the whole idea has rather stalled. In the spirit of being kind to myself (see previous post) I was trying to think of what I could do that would still be a challenge but that might be more likely to actually be achieved when I came across this wonderful blog called She Makes Hats. Robyn who writes the blog has a plan to make 10,000 hats in her lifetime and whilst I’m not quite aiming for that given the small matter of the PhD to get done as well, I love the idea of just focusing on one type of thing to make and hats are among my favourite things to knit. Hats keep you warm, there’s thousands of hat patterns out there so there’s always something new to try and they obviously come in lots of different sizes so I can decide what size to work on depending on what else is going on with me at the time. So, the new plan is to knit 100 hats for charity before I finish my PhD. I’ll be posting pics of the hats I make and if you see one that you particularly like and want to order one from me, I’ll donate a proportion of the sales from that hat to charity as well as sending off the original hats to different charities that need them.

The other part of my grand plans for this year are to really embrace the whole make do and mend philosophy and as part of that, I want to expand my range of skills. Although saving money is part of this, it’s a lot to do with wanting to live in a more sustainable way and feeling increasingly uncomfortable about the amount of waste that goes on. I’ve found the lovely Jen over at her blog My Make do and Mend year where her and her family are aiming to buy nothing new for a year. She’s really inspired me to look at where my thrifty skills might be lacking and one of my big aims this year is to learn how to sew properly. So in the make do and mend spirit, we are doing a swap! I’m sending her some wool as she’s learning to crochet (another thing on my want-to-learn list) and in exchange she’s going to send me some fabric so I might actually finally learn how to use my sewing machine. I do have another general swap idea in my mind but need to ponder it a bit more before I blog about it here.

So that’s what I hope this year is going to be made up of: lots of hard work at the PhD, lots of Purly Queen knitting and lots of charity hat knitting, make do and mending and hopefully meeting lots of like-minded people along the way!x

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