Knitting and yoga

Did anyone see this article in the Guardian today?

It talks about the way both knitting and yoga can benefit people by releasing tension, helping to calm the brain and generally having a meditative effect. I was really excited to see Tara Stiles in the article as I was lucky enough to take a class with her at Strala yoga when I was in New York last year and I loved it! From what I have read, some people in the yoga world have found her a bit controversial as she doesn’t use the traditional sanskrit names for poses etc but I think she’s actually doing a great job of making yoga accessible to everyone and highlighting that it should be fun and non-competitive, not about who’s the most bendy or has the most perfect body. I treated myself to her DVDs as a reward for passing my PhD review recently and hopefully when I have some spare pennies, I’ll be treating myself to one of these tanks:

Says it all!

Says it all!

I love both knitting and yoga and find that both definitely help with the stresses of PhD life. Having said that there are definitely times when knitting has the opposite effect and the secret knitting is proving to be one of those times. It’s a lace pattern which for non-knitters means doing lots of complicated stitches on very fine wool meaning that you can’t do anything else but concentrate completely on your needles, it takes aaaaages and mistakes are very easy to make! Still, hopefully it will all be worth it and turn out nicely in the end.

A sneaky peek...

A sneaky peek…

It looks just like a mess at the moment but I’m hoping that once it’s all knitted the magic of blocking will turn it into something beautiful. Blocking is basically wetting the lace and then pinning it out so that the lace pattern can stretch out a bit and you can see whether or not it’s what you thought you were knitting! It’s all a bit nerve wracking as the date it needs to be finished by is coming up very soon and I am nowhere near finished, argh! Now where did I put that yoga DVD? 🙂

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