A little update

Poor neglected blog.

I can’t quite believe that it’s been 5 months since I last posted here but that time has been such a hectic roller coaster of stuff that perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised! I’m now officially in the fourth year of the PhD which means that I am in the process of trying to GET. IT. DONE. which as I’m sure you can imagine is pretty blooming stressful and time consuming! I’ve been doing a variety of jobs to get me through this year including teaching a third year undergraduate class on the Internet and Politics, working as a research assistant on an interesting policy project and doing a few freelance research jobs which have had me travelling up and down the country. Plus I was lucky enough to get a paper accepted to this year’s PSA conference in Manchester in April this year and also one to the APSA conference in Washington D.C. in August, which I was scurrying around trying to find enough funding for so that I could definitely go.

Add into that my best friend’s wedding for which I was delighted to be Maid of Honour, my lovely Dad’s 60th birthday and Mr Purly Queen’s Dad’s 80th birthday and I’ve had an unfortunate bout of rubbish health stuff and it has been a slightly mental few months!

Sad to say, there has not been an awful lot of time for knitting! This is something that needs to be rectified asap, not least because it is such a good stress-buster for me and might help to balance out the challenges of this year a bit! There have been a few knits going on. I made myself a really sweet silk and merino blend shrug for the wedding but as the wedding turned out to be on one of the hottest days of the year, I didn’t wear it once! I’m sure it will get some use though as the weather gets a bit cooler.

There’s also been a really joyous succession of new babies arriving and announcements that more are on the way this year! Here’s a little elephant cushion I made for my lovely friend Debbie (she of the reindeer hat on Everest fame!) who had a gorgeous little boy called Max earlier in the year.






Hopefully there will be more knits to share with you soon…and plans for Christmas! (Sorry but you have to think about these things early when you’re a knitter!) Hope you’re all having a wonderful summer x

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