As I write this, the snow is coming down thick and fast again and you can feel everything take on a slower pace. In fact it’s been a slow few days around here, with both of us a bit tired and sniffly and feeling the need to just nest and rest and recuperate. This weekend was perfect, where the most arduous chore was taking the dog to the park and marveling at how different the park looks without the thick coating of snow it had just a few days before.

Do you think Pepper might want to go and play in the snow?

Do you think Pepper might want to go and play in the snow?

A bit of gentle de-cluttering in the house meant a trip to the nearest charity shops, the only kind of shops other than wool and book shops that I could happily lose a few hours in. (In fact, so enduring is my love for the chazza shops that I remember being told as a small child that I could have some money to spend in a shop of my choice as a gift and I asked to go to the charity shop…bless my weird little self!) Happily, the shops are next to one of my other favourite places, the library, so I grabbed some new books to take home with me.

Then there was reading under cosy blankets with lots of cups of tea, a bit of baking, a bit of knitting, but all at a wonderful, leisurely pace.

There was pie...

There was pie…

Seeing friends and doing stuff is obviously lovely too but that feeling of being able to do exactly what you want, with no rush and no demands on your time is just delicious. I’m trying to keep that feeling in mind as all too often I end up working at weekends and really need to keep them a bit more sacred so there can be more weekends like this.

I loved seeing that my friend Jess thinks the same about staying in. I’ve known Jess since I moved secondary schools when I was about 14 and I believe our first ‘friend date’ was to see Flintstones the Movie…Jess, is that right?! Anyway, Jess has a lovely blog here called Once upon a Home, all about the ups and downs of renovating a home and definitely worth a read.

As for today, today is slow too. The falling snow means that I can’t take any decent photos of new knits for the shop and I’ve just realised that all the blog posts I thought I had scheduled for last week haven’t actually posted. But you know what, it’ll all get done eventually so for now, I’m going to make a lovely cup of tea, stare out of the window at the snow (and the little field mouse that is currently munching on the bird feeder!) and snaffle up the last bit of that pie before Mr PQ gets his mitts on it. Hope you all have some slow time in your day too x


Wow, two blog posts in one day, not that I’m procrastinating or anything…

I have been infected with a terrible disease. If you are not of a knitterly disposition, you may not have come across it before but it is called Start-itis, hits without warning and is very dangerous once it gets hold of you. The symptoms are the casting on of many knitting projects in a very short space of time and being unable to stop because you just want to KNIT ALL THE THINGS.

Here is a small selection of my current outbreak:


What you can see there is no less than 3 baby cardigans, a hat and bootees, a cotton bib and 3 baby blankets including a yellow version of one of the baby blankets in my shop hereImage

…and these are just the things in reach of my desk! I take some comfort in the fact that I’m not alone, the lovely Canadian knitter and designer Glenna  is a fellow sufferer and has blogged about it here

Speaking of which, I recently bought a copy of her Urban collection and am desperate to make her Hunter St Cowl that she mentions in the post as I haven’t made anything for myself for years. I have the perfect yarn and everything but must must finish off all these other things first.

Mustn’t I?

Monday mornings

Monday mornings and I have not traditionally been on the best of terms. I was particularly dreading this morning as this week is a pretty intense one for me PhD-wise as I have loads of data collection and writing to be done all before the elections on the 3rd May and all while feeling a bit run down and fed up of days and days of rain.

But sometimes the day can start off in a much better way than you expect. Since we got a dog a couple of months ago (a.k.a The Mad Spaniel), I’ve been getting a burst of fresh air every morning when taking her out for her morning walk to Heaton Park. We are so lucky to live near to this park as it’s huge with lots different parts to make it interesting and this beautiful open space is one of my favourite places in Manchester.

There’s currently colour starting to burst out all over the park with yellow daffodils still waggling in the wind,  little clumps of bluebells here and there and frothy pink blossom spilling out all over the trees. I did try to take photos of all of these but it’s quite difficult to do this one-handed when the other arm is being pulled out of it’s socket by TMS off in pursuit of a squirrel.

I did however manage to spot a tree that looked like a snake:



And a heart-shaped tree which made me smile:



All of which, plus a bit of sunshine, made for a rather cheery start to Monday morning. Now the trick is to try and keep that cheeriness through a few days being locked away coding political websites. Wish me luck!